Berlino Console Table

Berlino Console Table

from 9,870.00

A family of tables inspired by the work of two masters of the Modern Movement: Mies van der Rohe for the rigour of the design and Gerrit T. Rietveld for the free composition of the vertical elements which make up the base. 


59” W x 17” D x 27” H

75” W x 17” D x 27” H

59” W x 17” D x 35 H

75” W x 17” D x 35” H
Available in the following finishes:

Glossy Woods: ebony, striped ebony, eucalyptus frisé, bolivar, English mahogany
Mat Woods: eucalyptus frisé, lime, brushed grey oak, brushed light oak
Lacquers: pearl, soft white, bright white, black, china red, lead grey
Base Finishes:  gold chrome, silver chrome, light bronze, dark bronze

The underside of the table is lacquered in orange unless otherwise requested.


8-10 week delivery

inquire for details and finishes

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