Zackery Tyler Plaster on Paper Geometric Form 1

Zackery Tyler Plaster on Paper Geometric Form 1


Plaster on Paper

Geometric Form series of 7 (sold individually)

15" x 19"

Zackery Tyler is an abstract artist in Brooklyn, New York. His interest in design was honed in his native Alabama where he and his mom reveled in the glamour and symmetry of classic Hollywood films from the mid-twentieth century. He studied architectural design in college, and subsequently trained as a design associate at a contemporary European furniture dealer in Atlanta. In 2009 he quit his job and traveled to Europe and South America. “That trip exposed me to an aesthetic which I’d only seen in magazines and film- and I knew that my fate, my trajectory would be in some way tied to the interpretation and creation of beauty.” Upon his return to the States, Zack moved to New York and began painting. His work demonstrates a marked emphasis on composition and scale- and how those elements redefine movement through a space.

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